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Industrial concrete floors

Industrial concrete floors

When to renew them?

Concrete floors are unquestionably the most widespread in the industrial sector, as they are easily adaptable to any type of context and equipped with various characteristics. But it has one big flaw. Easily defaced.

When is it time to renovate a concrete floor?
When it has difficult to remove, oily stains, cracks, breaks. In fact, it is not easy to restore the hygiene and aesthetics of concrete, as it is a material that tends to absorb and retain dirt.

What are the valid alternatives to industrial concrete floors?
It is essential to opt for materials that can withstand the use of strong detergents used for sanitization and that do not accumulate a lot of dirt, floors that can withstand stress, withstand shocks and falls of all kinds, at the passage of very heavy machinery.
Precisely for these reasons you can opt for resin coatings.


Why industrial resin floors?
They have a significant durability over time, resist shocks, scratches and vibrations, respond perfectly to the passage of heavy vehicles, do not deform. Unlike concrete, the resin does not crack, does not wear and does not crack. It is therefore ideal for industrial companies that handle goods of various kinds.
The resin is also resistant to various chemicals. So it is easy to clean and sanitize it: it is perfect for schools, health facilities, chemical and pharmaceutical companies, food companies.

Epoxy resin (more versatile and customizable) is recommended for those who want to replace industrial concrete floors.