The SistemPav company in Melfi specializes in the design, construction and installation of industrial and civil flooring, resin treatments and coatings, paints, offering a high quality service and a product of guaranteed reliability over time.


Consulting, design, maintenance, requalification

SistemPav Srl, in order to offer a complete service to its customers, provides technical and economic assistance aimed at drawing up a work plan that allows you to carry out maintenance and redevelopment work without interrupting the normal processing and production of its customers.

After-sales assistance

All the services provided by SistemPav are constantly monitored by the quality office to always guarantee high quality standards. In addition, our customers can count on constant assistance on any problem related to their flooring and for extraordinary maintenance activities.

Floor redevelopment

Sistempav specializes in the redevelopment of public and private floors in both concrete and resin.


We offer an assistance service to redevelop damaged areas. To carry out this type of intervention, we generally operate when the production cycle is stopped to cause the least possible inconvenience.


Our floor redevelopment interventions are rapid, do not disperse dust and materials, ensure excellent, precise, functional and highly aesthetic results.