The SistemPav company in Melfi specializes in the design, construction and installation of industrial and civil flooring, resin treatments and coatings, paints, offering a high quality service and a product of guaranteed reliability over time.


Treatments and coatings

The problem of protecting cementitious floors is present in any type of industry, since concrete is not always able to fulfill the performance requirements it is responsible for. The regulations in force relating to safety at work, asepticity of production departments, pollution of the groundwater, combined with the specific needs of the industry for the optimization of production cycles and the impact of the working environment, require the use of specific epoxy, polyurethane and mitylmethacrylate coatings. SistemPav manufactures resin flooring to meet these needs.

Resinous coatings

The application of resinous coatings allows industrial flooring, with modest construction costs, to achieve good performance standards: non-slip, waterproof, good chemical resistance, easy cleaning, elimination of infiltrations and absorption of processing substances, elimination of surface dusting and good aesthetic result.

That of the resin coating is a solution that is widely used also in the civil sector.

A perfect execution of a resin flooring must be preceded by a correct preparation of the surfaces. Mechanical operations are essential for excellent adhesion of the resinous coating. Depending on the resinous protection system to be implemented, we will proceed with the following types of preparation:

  • Sanding: performed with sandpaper of different grain; the surface layer is sanded to remove dirt, traces of paint, whites and everything else that can be eliminated, without affecting the surface layer.
  • Shot peening: it is a dry abrasion system and is used to remove light surface layers, around 1 ÷ 2 mm.
  • Milling: it is a mechanical action and is used when the surface to be removed is deeper, generally from 0.5 to 1 cm.


The resinous coatings normally used are:

  • Simple impregnation: anti-dust, reconsolidating and anti-slip effect.
  • Thin film: dustproof, reconsolidating, non-slip, waterproof and decorative effect.
  • Thick film: anti-dust, reconsolidating, chemically resistant, anti-slip and decorative effect.
  • Multilayer: decorative, dustproof, waterproof, surface regenerating and non-slip effect.
  • Self-leveling: anti-dust effect, chemically resistant, highly hygienic, surface regenerating and anti-slip.
  • Spatulated” screeds: anti-dust effect, high mechanical and chemical resistance, surface regenerating, anti-slip and restorative of missing portions of concrete.


In the case of resin finishes, the range of colors available covers the entire RAL scale.